Last night, I got the chance to watch Sinister II in the cinema.
My Fiancé tried downloading the movie from torrent, but they only have the cam copy. So, I convinced him to watch it in the cinema because I want to get scared! Really scared! Big screen, loud speakers, dark room, and screaming audience! I want that.


I liked how the story was connected from Sinister 1. The police officer (from part 1) became the main character who is now looking for clues and trying to figure out the pattern of the murders. The movie showed more scenes of the murdered families, plus they added a little humor to the movie which made me breathe at some point. Yeah, the movie was rigid.

When I watched Sinister 1, I find it funny that the boogeyman looked like one of the members of the band Slipknot at first, but, trust me, that face is seriously freaking scary.

There are some movies where I can actually tell when the jump scare on a certain scene will come, so I am always ready to cover my eyes with my hand. (Watching a lot of horror movies gave me an idea of some jump scare pattern, and yes, I cover my eyes when that scene comes.) I failed to do it here. The jump scare came like Boo! on a scene where I didn’t even expect.

This kind of jump scare!
This kind of jump scare!

I already anticipated that the father will die, but not the other kid. Anyway, the movie was great. The ending just left me a bit hanging.

Part 3, maybe?



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  1. When I watched the first Sinister movie, I couldn’t sleep for a week. Horror is not for me! I was wondering about that cop, though, so I’m glad he plays a big role in the sequel.

  2. Yes, he plays a big role there. Haha. But he looks and acts funny. So the movie became less scary. LOL. You should watch it. Just cover your eyes when the boogeyman comes out. 😀

  3. It’s actually the music that freaks me out. I’m pretty sure if I watched it on silent with the captions on, I’d be alright.

    And he was kind of funny in the first movie, too. Like there were some social cues he was just missing; that’s part of why I liked him. I wonder if he’s meant to have Aspberger’s.

  4. Haha. Sometimes when I’m alone and I want to watch horror movies, I would put the volume really low. Reading the caption without any sound is a good idea too. Will try that soon! 🙂

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