Today is the feast of Sint Maarten in the Netherlands. A few days ago, me and Niko decorated some baby jars which we will use to light the candles in the evening.

According to my husband, children in the Netherlands would go from house to house while holding a lantern. They will sing a song and the owner of the house will give them candies. This is almost the same as Halloween’s Trick or Treat (minus the costumes).

Niko and Nate are half Dutch, so I want them to be familiar with the Dutch culture. And since we’re here in Suriname, this is the best I could do.

Later in the evening, me and Niko lit up candles in honor of the feast. He was really amazed. I think when he’s older, he will understand these things more. And maybe both of them can join in a lantern walk someday. I bet it would be magical.

To everyone celebrating Sint Maarten’s Day, Happy Martinmas!


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