Oh, Scharloo!

Aside from the unique and colorful architectural structures in Willemstad, one of the things I wanted to see is the street art in Scharloo.

It was a little hard finding this place using Google map. We had to go up and down the complicated road from the Queen Juliana bridge until we reached the famous “Three o’clock romance” art by Francis Sling at the Van Raderstraat. I was actually speechless when I saw how this painting changed the old building into something spectacular.

This area in Scharloo is really quiet and not a lot of tourists and cars were in sight. I was excited and scared at the same time, so I just took a few shots and continue to search for the other murals.

The other murals were also a little difficult to find because… they are inside a parking lot, but if you drive a little slower you can see a sign outside that says “you’re not allowed to park, but you can admire the murals”. So, I guess that’s our cue. 😆 It is located in Bitterstraat, just in front of Creative Lab.

Sculpture in Park Leyba

I read that Scharloo was once home to a rich Jewish neighborhood. As years passed by, it became neglected. Some of the buildings were beautifully restored, some remained abandoned. Street Art Skalo and their love for creativity helped a lot in bringing the area back in the picture and slowly making it a creative district that attracts more tourists.


Pancake Bunnykins

An Asian mermaid lost in transition.

I live in an enchanted forest at the end of a rainbow. I have a little window in my room where I can see unicorns playing in the grass field at day and magical fairies dancing under the silvery moon at night.

Let me know what you think 🐰

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