How to Holi in Suriname

Holi Phagwa also known as the Festival of Colors is celebrated every March in Suriname. It marks the victory of good over evil. It is a celebration where people (friends or strangers alike) smeared each other with different colors as a sign of love and belongingness.

In other Hindu tradition, it is a day for leaving the past and conflicts behind. It also signifies the coming of the new season, Spring, and people symbolized it as a start of a new beginning.


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Owru Yari 2016

December 31 is the time of the year where people all over Suriname gathered in the center of the city to celebrate Owru Yari (old year) or literally the blasting away of evil spirits by lighting up a really long string of fireworks called the pagara estafette.

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Keti Koti 2016 in Suriname

Keti Koti is a Sranantongo word that means “the chains are broken” or “the chains are cut”. It marks the end of slavery in Suriname from the Netherlands in July 1, 1863.

Keti Koti became a national holiday and is celebrated every July 1 in Suriname, Dutch Antilles and in major Dutch cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

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