Keegan’s Beachside (Bequia, SVG)

In our 4 days at Bequia Island, we spent a lot of time at Keegan’s Beachside since it’s only a 3 to 5-minute walk from Ermina’s Villa.

It is a beachfront restaurant located at Lower Bay. Imagine eating breakfast on the beach and watching the sun slowly rises.

They have a variety of dishes available on their menu, but it could take some time to be served. The food prices were reasonable and the staff was helpful. There were not many tourists when we visited Bequia in May, so the beach and the restaurant were not crowded. We have all the place to ourselves.

Aside from being a restaurant, Keegan’s Beachside is also a mini-hotel.

This is our everyday breakfast view at Keegan’s where the turquoise-colored water looked so inviting. You can take a dip and sunbathe in the sun for free.

Location: Lower Bay, Bequia Island




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Jack’s Bar (Bequia, SVG)

Jack’s Bar is a popular restaurant in Bequia, located at the Princess Margaret Beach. It has a beachfront setting and a Caribbean Island atmosphere. They don’t have a lot on their menu, however the food was delicious and the cocktails were great! I was hoping to try their famous lobster dishes based on the positive reviews from TripAdvisor, but the lobster season is only from September to May.

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DIY-Climbing an Active Volcano: La Soufrière


  • Pronounced as [soo-fryer]
  • La Soufrière is an active volcano known as the highest peak at 1234 m (4049 ft) in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
  • The earliest recorded eruption was in March 26, 1718 and the last one was in April 1979 with no known casualties.
  • The forest’s physical structure and vegetation changes as you go higher.
  • There are three major forest types on Soufrière: Montane Rain Forest, Palm Brake and Elfin Woodland.
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