Insidious: The Last Key

I know, I know, I said I will stop watching horror movies for now, but I can’t help it. Insidious movies has always been my favorite. I really loved how they connect the plot from the first film up to the third one, that’s why I needed to feed my horror cravings with the fourth sequel.

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Don’t Speak

Have you seen the Don’t Speak movie poster? Looks cool ha? It kinda reminds me of The Ring movie.

Honestly, it’s a bait. LOL. šŸ˜† Don’t Speak is not as scary as it looks!

The film is about a group of young people, partying and drinking in a yacht then getting into trouble.Ā (You know, the usual clichĆ©!) When one of their friends got injured by a broken glass, they decided to stop by a nearby village to ask for help.

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The Conjuring 2

Let’s talk horror movies.


Imagine this big smile šŸ˜€ on my face when The Conjuring 2 was finally released. Evil laugh.

And once again, the based on a true story catch-phrase made it moreĀ  compelling.

The movie begins with a scene from The Amityville murders where you will have a first glimpseĀ of Valak, a demonĀ disguisedĀ as a nun. Lorraine was

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