Don’t Speak

Have you seen the Don’t Speak movie poster? Looks cool ha? It kinda reminds me of The Ring movie.

Honestly, it’s a bait. LOL. šŸ˜† Don’t Speak is not as scary as it looks!

The film is about a group of young people, partying and drinking in a yacht then getting into trouble.Ā (You know, the usual clichĆ©!) When one of their friends got injured by a broken glass, they decided to stop by a nearby village to ask for help.

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Underworld: Blood Wars

Yesterday, I was torn between watching Underworld and Bye Bye Man. I want to watch both, but the thing is, if I watch Bye Bye Man, bad dreams will haunt me again.

Not now! My husband’s going away for a few weeks soon (hashtag pilotwifeproblems), so, please. I can’t!

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Train to Busan

Train to Busan, a South Korean zombie film, had been awaited by many horror fans due to its very intriguing trailer.
I was actually expecting that it would be the same as all the other zombie movies, but the story really got me. I mean who the hell cries over a horror movie?

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The Conjuring 2

Let’s talk horror movies.


Imagine this big smile šŸ˜€ on my face when The Conjuring 2 was finally released. Evil laugh.

And once again, the based on a true story catch-phrase made it moreĀ  compelling.

The movie begins with a scene from The Amityville murders where you will have a first glimpseĀ of Valak, a demonĀ disguisedĀ as a nun. Lorraine was

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Audition (1999)

I read that Audition is one of the best horror movies of all times because of the director’s sadomasochistic style, so today I decided to give it a try.

Audition tells a story about a widowed film producer, Aoyama who set up a fake audition in order to find his next bride-to-be. Numbers of women applied for the role, but only one caught his attention, the lovely Asami, a former ballet dancer.

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