I think this is one of the hardest costumes I have ever made. It’s a little complicated and I really tried to figure out how to make the Beasty vest using a polo shirt since I’m not really an expert seamstress. (I taught myself how to sew, so I can make cute little things. 😀 )

And I don’t want to sew a whole vest for a one-time photoshoot.

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9 months passed by so quickly and in a matter of three months, my little superhero will turn 1.

It was too late for me to realize that I should have done the Spider-Man theme when Niko was still small, I mean, not able to rollover yet. You see, when I was trying to do a little photoshoot demo with him lying down, it was such a struggle. Even if I gave him toys as a form of distraction, he still managed to sit down over and over again. Fortu

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Our little Niko turned 5 months! I may not be like most moms on Facebook who love to post updates about their babies’ development every day, but I am absolutely happy and proud of the things my son is able to do with his age.

This month, I transformed him into The Incredible Hulk. He can already sit with back support, so I made this an opportunity to take a shot of him sitting beside his cake.

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