Disclaimer: Again, this is a late post πŸ™ˆ

When Nate turned one month, I was still under the Aladdin hype. I don’t want to use superheroes anymore because Niko already did most of the famous ones. So, I thought, why not go with Disney characters. πŸ˜€

Most of the materials I used for the costumes are felt. The blazer was sewn by me and I already have the white pants. I stitched a square yellow felt on the pants as a “patch” just like Aladdin’s.

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Our little Niko turned 5 months! I may not be like most moms on Facebook who love to post updates about their babies’ development every day, but I am absolutely happy and proud of the things my son is able to do with his age.

This month, I transformed him into The Incredible Hulk. He can already sit with back support, so I made this an opportunity to take a shot of him sitting beside his cake.

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When my little pumpkin turned 4 months old, I DIY-ed an Iron Man photoshoot for him. The cake I ordered came around 4 in the afternoon, so Niko was really wide awake. I managed to take a few shots of him looking at me.

Things needed:

  • Red onesie
  • Yellow, red, white, black and blue colored papers for mask and breastplate
  • Black marker to draw lines on the breastplate
  • White sheet for background
  • Photoshop for background effect
  • Iron Man brush set
  • Iron Man cake, 230 SRD (From Say It With Cupcakes – Suriname)
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In celebration of Nikolaj’s third birth month, I turned him into a super saiyan. This photoshoot was one of the easiest so far. I just made him fall asleep because the fake hair was annoying him. πŸ˜‹

Things needed:

  • Orange onesie and pants
  • Dark blue long sleeves
  • Dark blue towel (to be used as belt)
  • Yellow colored paper for hair
  • Print and cut-out Dragon Ball Z logo
  • Grey sheet for background
  • Photoshop for background effect
  • Dragon Ball Z cake, 215 SRD (from Say it with Cupcakes – Suriname)
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