Choosing Baby Names

One of the most difficult decisions I encountered being pregnant was choosing baby names. There are names I love which my husband doesn’t and vice versa, so we are having a hard time picking out a name that we both liked.

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Thank you for the constant follow even if I’m on and off the blogging world sometimes. I’m trying my best to balance work, blogging and drawing at the moment. 🙂

A few days ago, me and Cobbie met a homeless imp munching on our newly grown tomato. He begged me if we could adopt the imp since he doesn’t have any friends in this world.

I think we just did. 😛

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Learning how to Draw

I was so excited when my husband surprised me with an Intuos art tablet. I really love to draw, but I think drawing doesn’t feel the same way for me. LOL. I tried to sketch using an app on my tablet before, but it was difficult to control some of the lines. I created Cobbie using a sketch app.

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The Magical Window

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor magical window
© fotolia

Every time I look outside my window at night
I’m always in awe of such a magical sight
of beautiful geese flying in the moonlight
and night flowers blooming calmly in sweet delight

The fascinating feeling doesn’t end there
for when the moonbeam starts to glitter in my hair
I would hear nostalgic music in my ear
making me dream and float in the air

It makes me travel far away
that I would be gone for more than a day

or maybe I could had long slept
but please, don’t wake me up just yet
© P. Bunnykins

Poetry Day Six: Enjambment

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My Father

I saw the first stars sparkled in his eyes
and the crescent moon as his lips curved a smile.
His voice so soft, he hushed me from my unwavering cries,
he was nervous, he knew, but for him that moment was all worthwhile.

His face so kind and loving, I thought of him as an angel,
an angel on earth, indeed he was.
He taught me how to walk, and he would catch me as I fall.
He never stopped believing and he accepted all my flaws.

His effort and sacrifices made me who I am
and those are the greatest gifts he had ever given me.
A different kind of love from other people will come,
but nothing can compare to the one that he had shown me.

Gone too soon, a hole in my heart he left
where emptiness dwells and sadness had come to stay.
Each time I think about him, I quietly wept
because it’s hard to move on without him each passing day.

I will think about his eyes every time I look at the stars,
I will smile when I see a crescent moon in the night
because I know in my heart, he will watch over us from afar.
A pair of wings he had earned, he will never be forgotten as he flies to the distant light.
© Pancake Bunnykins

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