“WHAT ARE MUISJES?” I asked my Dutch husband wondering why one of his relatives sent us a box.

“It’s a Dutch topping made of sugar coated anise seeds. In the Netherlands, people eat muisjes on top of a beschuit when a baby is born. Blue is for boys and pink for girls.”

I always get excited every time I discover new things. I took a piece of beschuit, spread butter on it and sprinkled muisjes in the middle.

“Is this good? Can I eat it now?”

“Add more. Fill the the whole beschuit, just like in the package.”

Oh! Haha. Yes, that’s how I am, trying not to put a lot because I’m kuripot.

The taste was new to me. It was OKAY, well, more like a weird kind of OKAY. The beschuit tasted like the biscocho from the Philippines. I let my friends try it and they, too were curious about the strange taste. It was the anise. They put chocolate spread on the beschuit though instead of butter. 😀

The muisjes were included in the package given by my husband’s relatives for Nikolaj. This is one of the things I like about Dutch people, they are always thoughtful. The presents were supposed to be given when Nikolaj is born, but there were problems with the delivery. Though Nikolaj is already two months old, it’s never too late for us to do this Dutch thing.

I was touched by all the presents that Nikolaj received. He even got a cute pair of Dutch shoes. We were also curious about the small gift wrapped in black and silver. I was supposed to open it, but I think my husband was more excited than me.

This one is really cool. Nikolaj’s first silver airplane spoon with his name engraved on it. Now I don’t know if I will let him use it or keep it for display. Hahaha. Typical Filipino. LOL.


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  1. Thank you, Kat. He’s the first grandchild that’s why he is a little bit spoiled. 😄

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