Yes, I watched another horror movie. And yes, goodluck to me sleeping alone for one month.Image result for yikes gifI can’t resist it. Tuesday night is movie night here in Suriname since tickets are sold for half the price and I don’t get a lot of offs on that day. So, Bye Bye Man it is.

Don’t think it, don’t say it, don’t say it, don’t think it. Now, I can’t get this off of my mind, too.

Bye Bye Man is an OKAY movie for me. I already saw most of the jump scares in the trailer, so yeah, I know when it’s coming.

Image result for bye bye man gif

We all know that if you say the Bye Bye Man’s name, he will get to your thoughts and make you kill people close to you. I’m curious about what will happen to the killers if ever Bye Bye Man get to them alive.

The movie’s backstory is not enough. I mean, what’s with the odd-looking dog and Bye Bye Man’s association with coins? I was thinking that maybe he is actually Charon, (Hades’ ferry man) and the coins are supposed to be the victim’s fare. But NO. (Oh wait, that would be a good plot!)

Image result for dog in bye bye man

I was waiting for a good twist here, since they kept on showing flashbacks about a train and a railroad… and sad to say, there weren’t any.




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