Let’s talk horror movies.


Imagine this big smile šŸ˜€ on my face when The Conjuring 2 was finally released. Evil laugh.

And once again, the based on a true story catch-phrase made it moreĀ  compelling.

The movie begins with a scene from The Amityville murders where you will have a first glimpseĀ of Valak, a demonĀ disguisedĀ as a nun. Lorraine was trying to figure out what kind of presence prompted Ronald DeFeo Jr to murder his family. While reliving the murder scene, she encountered Valak and at the same time had a vision of Ed being killed.

A year after the encounter, The Hodgson family in England experienced strange occurrences in their home and asked the church for help. The church then requested The Warrens to investigate the events.

Some of the spine-chilling scenes in the movieĀ are really fresh especially the library scene where Valak came out of the painting. Whew! That was awesome! I can’t stop screaming. LOL.

I was actually thinking that Ed would die because of Lorraine’s vision, but because I have the tendency to read spoilers,Ā IĀ checked Wikipedia and was convinced that he died at the age of 79. So, spoiler alert, he didn’t die in the movie. Sorry!

If you want a good scare on a Saturday night,Ā I would recommend this movie. Just make sure you won’t sleep alone or elseĀ Valak willĀ visitĀ you. Kidding! Yeah, they reallyĀ made Valak freaking scaryĀ with a nun’s outfit. No way!




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