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Are you sleepy, honey?” He asked while looking at my weary eyes.

Yes.” I immediately answered with a yawn.

Are you cold? I will get your blanket.” He stood up and took my freshly washed blanket hanging outside the house.

Please bring my flower crown, too.” I asked. “It’s inside the bedroom.


Here you go!” He wrapped the blanket around me and placed the flower crown over my head. “Go sleep, Princess!”

But I’m a mermaid!” I corrected.

They’re all the same, they all wear crowns!” He insisted while giving me that sly smile. The kind of smile that means I’m right but won’t admit it.

Mermaids wear seashell crowns.

Either way, go sleep with your crown, Beautiful! Go explore your magical world.” He whispered, kissing my forehead. “I’ll wake you up 30 minutes before New Year!

One day, out of the ordinary days in your life, someone will come your way and will change your life completely.

Just when you thought that there’s no right person for you or when your soul-searching quests don’t seem to work,  after all those failed relationships that almost made you turn away from the magic of falling and being in love, someone will come to you, unexpectedly, fall in love with you, know every single detail about you, understand your behavior, your ups and downs, and most of all, support you in any way, even your craziest imaginations!

©Pancake Bunnykins

Happy 1st of January 2016!


Pancake Bunnykins

An Asian mermaid lost in transition.

I live in an enchanted forest at the end of a rainbow. I have a little window in my room where I can see unicorns playing in the grass field at day and magical fairies dancing under the silvery moon at night.

Let me know what you think 🐰

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