The Sweetest Thing

The Sweetest Thing is obviously one of the dessert houses in Suriname that serve delightfully tasty homemade cakes.

The moment I stepped inside the place, I was impressed by its clean minimalist interior. It has a cozy atmosphere and the colors are pleasing to the eyes. It is a recommended hangout spot to study and relax at the same time.

The first time I came here, I ordered the iced coffee. I was disappointed because I expected it to be the common coffee with crushed ice, but they served me a coffee with ice cubes instead.

I ordered the same drink on my second visit and realized that it was not so bad after all, I kinda liked it.

Iced coffee, 2.00 US

The brownie was really good, it was exactly what I wanted: moist, dense and heavenly. LOL. I order it every time I come here.

Brownie with hazelnut, 1.15 US
Sticky toffee cake, 1.70 US
Red Velvet, 2.45 US

The cake prices might be a little expensive, but the slices are much larger compared to other dessert houses.

Aside from the mouthwatering desserts, they also serve sandwiches, pastas, hot and cold drinks.

The Sweetest Thing has a friendly crew and ambience. It is also well known for tourists and has really good reviews from the locals as well.

If you want to treat yourself occasionally, the sweetest things in life are definitely found in a dessert place.

Location: Johan Adolf Pengelstraat hk. verlengde Hoogestraat, Paramaribo, Suriname
Opening time: Tuesday to Friday, 10:00 am to 06:00 pm; Saturday & Sunday, 10:00 am to 04:00 pm


  1. higginsmj

    July 29, 2017 at 8:35 PM

    All looks good!

  2. BellionTravels

    August 2, 2017 at 12:26 AM

    I love the pictures and the interiors are super cool


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