I love everything Christmas-sy, but a badass Santa? I think you should check this one out.

The Town That Christmas Forgot is a short film that took place in Halcyon Ridge. Every Christmas, people would celebrate the season by decorating trees, hanging ornaments, baking cookies, and pouring a glass of milk for Santa, but year after year, Santa never came to town.

The children kept on writing letters to Santa, asking him to visit them. So, one Christmas eve, he finally decided to deliver the presents and face the dark secret the town had kept for generations.

Santa came to town and the bloody battle begun.

The film is brutal and twisted with a little Christmas magic! I also love the soothing version of Up On The Housetop by Kathryn Richards played in the start of the film.

Shoutout to the zombie Santas! It was a merry eff-ing Christmas indeed!




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