Villa Zapakara is a children’s museum that showcases fantastic masterpieces from recycled and improvised materials. MixMax Brasil is the fourth interactive exhibition hosted by Villa Zapakara that will end in 2018. The place was uniquely designed with a touch of Derlon Almeida, a famous Brazilian graffiti artist.

I also saw this art in Jessurunstraat

We went to Villa Zapakara to check out their MixMax Brazilië tour. It costs 8 SRD (1.25 US) and lasted for 20 to 30 minutes. The ones included in the children’s package is around 75 minutes. We were escorted by their amazing tour guides, Cheir and Joël, who gave us a lot of information about the beautiful Brazilian culture.

Before the tour started, we first put on their Havaianas slippers. How else would you feel the Brazilian atmosphere without wearing their most famous brand of slippers?

We passed by the area where they show films for children before entering the improvised jungle made up of recycled t-shirts and a bunch of CDs. It was pretty cool and artistic!

Cheir discussed the story of the African-Brazilian sea goddess, Yemanya and how people promised never to throw plastics and garbage in the ocean. She is represented as a half human, half fish.

They also have a display of Brazil’s traditional Three Wishes Bracelet or Bahia bands where you knot the ribbons three times (representing your three wishes) and wear it in your left hand. When the ribbons fall off on their own, your wishes will come true. Other people prefer to tie it outside Brazil’s churches. It was also said to bring good luck.

Bahia bands

Their workshop room is filled with amazing art exhibits from another Brazilian graffiti artist, Galo de Souza who was known for his obsession with clouds.

Mermaid with cloud eyebrows

Children will really enjoy the museum because it offers activities that include clay making, bracelet making, cooking class, football, capoeira workshop and many more.

Childrens’ costumes for the dance workshop
Drawings by children in the Identity Room

They also have an area where everything was built with plastic bottles. The walls and chairs were created using the body of the bottles while the floor was constructed out of plastic caps.

Khaleesi and the plastic bottle throne

There is also a display of the famous Brazilian market called mercadão that sells food and other ingredients.


A small cafeteria is also available for guests and visitors.

The small tour and exhibits were informative and extraordinary, suitable for artists, kids and kids at heart. For children, this is a place to learn and open their minds to the wonderful culture of Brazil. This is the closest thing you could get to Brazil using recycled materials. 😘

Get the chance to visit the place before the exhibition ends in 2018.

Location: Prins Hendrikstraat 17 B, Paramaribo, Suriname (inside Ons Erf)
Opening time: Monday to Friday, 08:00 AM to 03:00 PM; Saturday, 09:15 AM to 03:30 PM; Holidays, 08:00 AM to 03:30 PM






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