Week 29

I’m another day closer to meeting my little Peanut! Oh, about that. My friends made a joke this week that they’re going to give my son the nickname, Peanut. It sounds so cute!!!

My week was amazing! Patients appreciate me a lot with my effort of helping them even if my bump is showing off! I can’t wait for my maternity leave. I have a lot of things planned already.

I’m happy that everything is going great in preparation for the baby. His health insurance is going to be covered by my husband’s company and he will get first class insurance, too. How lucky! At the same time, he will also get food allowance.

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29 Weeks / © Baby Center

Pregnancy Symptoms: Back pain! Too much sitting or lying down in one position causes a lot of back pain that sometimes I need to call my husband to pull me up. I really felt heavy myself.

Weight: 60 kg

Activities: Walking. I’m planning to do pregnancy yoga once I start my maternity leave. I couldn’t do it for now because I’m already doing a lot of walking at work.

Food cravings: Something minty

Bump: Growing everyday

Movement: Baby Peanut is always active. He would kick me every time I slouch while sitting. I think it’s his way of telling me that I’m squeezing him in that position. 😀



  • Make a final list of things to buy for the bay
  • Plan for maternity leave
  • Plan for baby shower






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