Week 30

Another week done and I’ve never been so excited!

We finally got our referral letter for a gynecologist. The referral system in this country is really different from what I was used to. In the Philippines, you can just go to any specialist if you want, but here, you need to get a letter (garantiebrief) from the house doctor before you can go to one. My house doctor told me I can go to the gynecologist on my 32nd week since everything is normal with me.

I have so much addiction to sweets! I am eating one pack of m&m’s per day. Yes, one pack all to myself. I have this craving that I can’t stop! I was supposed to do another laboratory test, but I kept on delaying it because I knew my glucose result would be sky high! (I just hope not!)

31 weeks/ © The Bump

Pregnancy symptoms: Still back pain and more back pain

Weight: 60 kg. I really didn’t gain this week, I was surprised.

Food cravings: Chocolates!!!

Bump: Bigger than before

Movement: Baby is active everyday and with some hiccups!



  • Buy baby crib and mosquito net
  • Buy newborn diapers, shampoo and lotion
  • Prenatal checkup
  • Submit maternity leave letter
  • Schedule appointment for gynecologist



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