Who would’ve believe that it’s already my 6th Christmas in Suriname? WOW. Like how did it happened so fast. 😀

This year is actually the first time we’re going to celebrate Noche Buena. Unlike the normal eating and sleeping on Christmas Eve, I decided to make it out of this world. I put extra effort on this because it’s Nikolaj’s first Christmas, so it’s really special for us.

We all know that Suriname is a tropical country like the Philippines, meaning, there’s no winter or snow or anything cold related happening here. On Holidays like this, people usually wear sparkly Christmas-sy dresses, so I went with the #babyitscoldoutside theme. Everyone is going to wear sweaters or scarves or pajamas. The #feelingcold moment is real. 🌨 ❄️ ☃️


A winter theme is never complete without snow and a fireplace. I created the fireplace using two big boxes, covered them with red crepe papers and lined it with a white paper tape.The socks were cut from red and white colored papers.

I assembled a few small branches and added my fairy lights to create the logs-on-the-fire look.  A Santa with reindeers cut out was placed on the window with a snowy weather effect.

This is the most rushed Christmas tree I had ever made. I never expected we’re going to use a Christmas tree at all, yeah but then what is Christmas without a tree. LOL. Imagine us searching for a dead tree at our friend’s backyard on Christmas Eve.

I went with the bare look because WINTER. 😛

I filled both sides of the wall with snow. It’s a lot of work, but the effect was amazing. Here are some shots I took and well, stole from my friends. 🤗 They’re cool with it, no worries.

What I loved most about celebrating Noche Buena in the Philippines are the varieties of Filipino food on the table. But hey, we made it happen here and the pork belly was so good! 😋😋😋

My husband had a night flight again on Christmas Eve, but no worries. I wasn’t sad at all because I’m… well, really distracted. Hahahaha. Thanks to my little Nikolaj. 😜


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