Yong Hua Chinese Restaurant

It’s the Holy Week and I only have one free day, yey! While some were enjoying their long weekend free, me and my husband decided to spend the day driving to Commewijne and check out Peperpot Nature Park.

It was almost a 30-minute drive with less traffic. We followed the shortcut that google map showed us and ended up at the back part of the plantation. So, we drove back to the main road until we reached the entrance. And since it’s a holiday, it was absolutely closed. Haha! We already had a feeling it was closed because no one answered the office phone. Anyway, we still pushed through still hoping it’s open thinking that a small drive outside the city would be nice. 😛

Going back to Paramaribo –hungry, we tried the Yong Hua Chinese Restaurant near Best Mart. I’ve seen this restaurant a lot of times, but it’s far from our house and it’s always out of the way.

Yong Hua is a bit cheaper compared to other Chinese restaurants. Even the place is not so elegant, but there were lots of people ordering take-outs and a few dining in.

I ordered the sizzling squid instead of my usual garlic spareribs for a change and a spicy fried beef for my husband. I ended up eating the fried beef because the sizzling squid was more spicy. I mean, it didn’t say in the menu that their hotplate inktvis would be spicy. Well, maybe next time I will ask just to make sure. 😛

The meals were delicious and the service was great, but there’s an additional 10% charge either for tax or service fee.

Small Hotplate Inktvis (Sizzling Squid), 6 US
Pikante Rundvlees (Spicy Beef), 6 US


Location: J. D. Gomperstraat 136, Paramaribo, Suriname


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