Filipino Superstitious Beliefs During Pregnancy

Growing up in a country that was greatly influenced by superstitious beliefs, I was aware at such a young age about some of the things you should and shouldn’t do when you or someone you know is pregnant.

One of the factors that adds up to a pregnant woman’s anxiety are the weird and unusual advices coming from people especially the elders.

Here are some of the popular Filipino pamahiin or superstitious beliefs during pregnancy:

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Is He Serious?

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You think he is serious because he brings you flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day. He brought the same thing to his wife when he comes home that day.
He tells you that you are the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He also said that to his wife before he married her.

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Filipino Superstitious Beliefs During Wakes & Funerals

-or pamahiin sa patay.

During the wake of my father, I noticed a lot of superstitious beliefs that made me raise one of my eyebrows for reasons that some of them are ridiculous. When I confronted some of my old relatives of why I can’t sweep the floor during the wake, they can’t even explain the rationale. They just answered, “it’s what our ancestors taught us”.

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Love A Girl Who Writes

Have you  ever wonder how it feels to be in love with a girl who writes?

You might see her at the corner of a coffee shop with a laptop on the table and a pair of glasses covering her face, or she could be in a park, feeling the afternoon breeze as she jots down her thoughts on a notebook.

You might catch her smiling on her own as she types on those keyboards or scribbles on her pad, but the fact is, she is drifting on a world of fantasy where her imaginations and creativity meet.

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The Existence of A Parallel Universe

Many theories exist about the possibility of multiple universes co-existing parallel to one another. They reveal how these universes may be similar to our own but could be encountering a non-identical situation or end-result, inconsistent to what we are experiencing.

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