The Transformation

He went home early to surprise Elene with flowers and movie tickets for their anniversary. He tried calling her earlier, but there was no answer. He slowly walked to their bedroom, hiding the flowers behind his back, but to his surprise, he saw her naked with another man in bed.

He was motionless for a second, feeling the raging pain that he had never felt in his entire existence. He felt his blood gushes through his veins abruptly tearing his skin apart. Furs, pitch-black as the night covered his whole body and his eyes turned red blood. H

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© @pastelpegasus

For years, she has been meticulous in sewing back the rotten and decaying parts of her fragile body. She needs a new host.
© P. Bunnykins

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The Timawo In The Mango Tree

Ang Timawo sa punong mangga

Annie woke up to the cold wind coming outside the window. She knew it was midnight because she looked at the clock before closing the window in a hurry. Midnight is not a good time to be awake for people living in the provinces. They said that it’s the period where strange phenomenon happens.

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The Old Nanan Bridge

There are lots of mysteries surrounding the old Nanan Bridge in The Philippines. The road is pitch-black at night. The street lights don’t seem to function in that area. The homeowners tried to fix the problem and change the lamps over and over, but the lights just flicker and would eventually turn off. The locals gave up afterwards and left the place as it is when one of the repairmen got electrocuted and died.

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