Alec in Wonderland

Valerie spread the blanket over the grassy field. She arranged the snack, lit up the candles and lay on the ground while listening to Alec’s favorite songs. She fell asleep holding a bouquet of flowers in her hand. She has been busy these past few months and she can definitely fall asleep in an instant.

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To Be Unseen

“I can’t be with you. I’m sorry!” He said showing no compassion on his face. “Please go! Sara will be home soon.” He opened the door revealing a more messed up world outside.

His words crushed my heart as the raindrops from a distance splattered on the ground.

“But… You said you love me…” I uttered, my voice cracking.

He couldn’t look into my eyes.

“Yeah, I should have never said that…” He sighed as he held my face with his cold hands. “I like being with you. You make me happy. You make me do things I never thought I can do. I mean, you make me feel young again, but that’s it.”

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The Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest is one of the kingdoms in the Sphere located in a realm parallel to the planet Earth.

Only a few humans are able to enter the domain through the light of the full moon. When the first light of the moon touches the Hoyrawn, a ground sacred to the High Elves, a portal would open and would take those fortunate souls to the abyss of the unknown.

The Moagals are human-like creatures that live in the dry parts of the

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The Perfect Night


Tonight’s gonna be perfect.

The man that I had secretly been admiring for months a.k.a. Mr. Brown Eyes was at the same party as me.

I caught him staring at me a few times, so I acted graceful, refined, well, not considering the amount of alcohol I had consumed since I was here.

I saw him walking towards me, eyes twinkling as he smiles.

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Yellow Ribbons

Randy waited seven years for this day. He will be released from prison for a crime that he didn’t commit. He will start a new life and be with his wife and his now six-year-old daughter.

Randy was a former driver of a yellow tractor in Old McDonald’s Farm. He would take tourists for a tractor ride around the farm to meet the different animals and to see the transcendent view of the countryside. The business was going so well, until one day, the owner, Mr. McDonald was robbed and

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The Perfume

Tomorrow is the 80th birthday of Lolo Melchor, Gemma’s grandfather. The whole family planned  to have a big party for him. They ordered 6 gallons of ice cream, a two-layered cake and other desserts which will be delivered the next day. The venue was set and decorated with colorful balloons and a banner that wrote: Happy Birthday Lolo Melchor. 

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