I wasn’t actually planning to do a photoshoot for Niko when he turns 18 months (hence, the absence of the cake), but then I thought that 18 months is some kind of special because it means that he is already halfway between one and two years.

So, with only a few days left to plan, I went with the little pilot theme since I have all the materials needed to create the pilot costume at home.

To start off, I used a plain white shirt as a base. For the tie and gold stripes, I used the felt pouch from the KLM souvenir kit that we received from our previous flight.

I cut out 2 rectangles from the blue felt and cut the gold ribbon into 8 small pieces. I attached the gold stripes to the felt using hot glue.

For the wing, I used a yellow foam paper and attached a gold button in front.

The stripes, tie and wing were all sewn unto the shirt.

For the banner, I cut out airplanes and clouds from construction papers and attached them to a twine with hot glue.

For the Teddy Bear pilot and cabin crew caps and tie, I also used construction papers. The cabin crew tie is made of blue fabric. I wasn’t able to take any photos of how I made these things because it was all in a rush. Sorry. 😅 😅 😅 I’m going to make a separate tutorial then if I have time. 😛


Now, he looks a lot like Daddy in his little pilot uniform.

Happy 18 months, my love!


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