I know I’m way, way too late with this post because I was MIA for almost half a year. I did a Thor photoshoot for Niko’s 11th month birthday.

Luckily, Niko had a black/ grey long sleeves available at home which I used as a base. The top has a print so, I covered it with black foam paper. I drew and cut a pattern (somewhat similar to Thor’s breastplate) from glittered silver foam paper. I used the back part (plain gray color) of the silver foam paper for the circles. The cap was also made of foam paper.

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diy bam bam kids outfit

My February project included a Bamm-Bamm costume for my colleague’s son to be used for a school carnaval. We were actually planning to make him a parrot or a dinosaur costume, but then the school decided to go with the Flintstones theme.

I thought then maybe he wanted to be Dino, but he went with Bamm-Bamm.

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Last-Minute Mermaid Costume

I’m so excited for Halloween night. I have always been a lover of the dark.

I remember back in the Philippines, we used to celebrate October 31 with a small Halloween party and binge-watch horror shows with my cousins.

Anyway, back to my DIY Mermaid costume. Since I’m too lazy to look for a costume, I asked my closet to give me an idea. I hit the jackpot when I saw the pink top and green skirt that I haven’t used for a l

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October is my second favorite month of the year because:

I feel that chill in the air.
The leaves are falling everywhere.
Fall is the time of year that brings
apples and pumpkins and Halloween.

Lyrics from Barney’s It’s Halloween Night Tonight 😅

I love everything about Halloween, from the full moon to witch

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Surprise Anniversary Party

Shhhh. We have a top secret mission. My friends, Hekie and James just reached another milestone in their lives. They are going to celebrate their 9th year of togetherness though they are a thousand miles away from each other.

James asked us to surprise Hekie with a simple dinner. So, I requested to have my schedule changed to help with the preparations. Right after work, me and my friends ordered food outside since we didn’t have time to cook anymore. In three hours, we managed to prepare a surprise anniversary party for Hekie.

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