diy superman photoshoot

I did Niko’s ONE-year photoshoot a week before our flight to the Philippines.

The photoshoot was done in our apartment’s garage (yes, I emphasized the word apartment because people might get the wrong idea that we have our own garage.)

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9 months passed by so quickly and in a matter of three months, my little superhero will turn 1.

It was too late for me to realize that I should have done the Spider-Man theme when Niko was still small, I mean, not able to rollover yet. You see, when I was trying to do a little photoshoot demo with him lying down, it was such a struggle. Even if I gave him toys as a form of distraction, he still managed to sit down over and over again. Fortu

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It’s the time of the month again and our little Niko turned six months. This time, I decided to go with a cake smash theme except that… he will not smash the cake. Not yet. I will wait for the actual cake smash when he turns 1.

He was actually sick with the flu when we did the photoshoot, but he still managed to give Mermommy some nice photos.

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Our little Niko turned 5 months! I may not be like most moms on Facebook who love to post updates about their babies’ development every day, but I am absolutely happy and proud of the things my son is able to do with his age.

This month, I transformed him into The Incredible Hulk. He can already sit with back support, so I made this an opportunity to take a shot of him sitting beside his cake.

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